Brawl outside Hamptons nightclub with Justin Bieber’s bodyguards stirs police probe Featured

Justin Bieber’s camp went into damage control Monday after Confidenti@l revealed a wild brawl in the Hamptons where the superbrat was physically restrained by his own security team while he pulled the old hold-me-back.

Police are now investigating Bieber’s bodyguards, described to us as “intimidating” and “overbearing” by those at the South Pointe nightclub, over an alleged assault in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Sources tell us the 19-year-old, wearing sunglasses and a backwards hat, arrived at the Southampton club to “pick up girls” — and he didn’t leave empty-handed. Two cocktail waitresses went back to Bieber’s hotel and were made to sign nondisclosure agreements as soon as they got there.

A man, believed to be in his mid-20s, told police he was attacked by Bieber’s security detail and is considering suing the “Beauty and a Beat” singer and his heavy-handed minders.

While reports in the New York Post suggested Bieber was “uncharacteristically on his best behavior,” we’re told the star “went nuts” and “was screaming” after he got into a “heated exchange” with a man whose female companion tried to chat up the “Baby” crooner.

That disagreement spilled into the parking lot, where Bieber was placed in his SUV by minders. But he soon jumped out of the vehicle in a rage when someone tossed a rock at his car. Biebs climbed onto the roof of the car but didn’t get far — his crew quickly took him out of harm’s way.


That’s all on tape, because a film crew was recording a documentary about the club and at least four cameras caught the action.

Last night cops interviewed the club’s owner, security and the two waitresses. The Southampton Town Police Department tells us a man was released from Peconic Bay Medical Center who claims “he was involved in an altercation and physically assaulted by subjects unknown to him but he believes them to be members of singer Justin Bieber’s security staff, who he stated were also at the nightclub.”

A rep for South Pointe told us: “The police have confirmed that there was no incident in the club or on the premises and the altercation took place off the premises.”

Despite the cameras, Bieber says the fight is fiction. “The most recent rumors might be the funniest of all,” he tweeted. “Where do u get this stuff??? #focusedonreality.”


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