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Grammy win for Daft Punk boosts French EDM pride

PARIS — They’re helmeted, mute and mysterious, and they’re suddenly the pride of France. Duo Daft Punk did something no other French music group has done: Brought home four Grammy Awards in one night. Congratulations poured in Monday from French media, tweeters and bloggers — and even the U.S. Embassy in Paris. “See, France is capable of winning!” said commentator Jean-Jacques Bourdin on BFM-TV.

Another downtown Santa Fe bar has called it quits.

Resident DJ Oona Bender said Rouge Cat, 101 W. Marcy St., had its last night on Saturday. Bender described the decision to close the restaurant and nightclub as a gradual one, but said ultimately the bar’s owner didn’t want to go further into debt.
“The irony is that business was just starting to pickup,” Bender said. “We had a good run. It’s just one of those things where we gave it the best we could.”

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