Manhattan Bridge Walkway Turns Into A Flash Mob Dance Party For About 5 Hours.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The foot path on the Manhattan Bridge turned into a sizzling nightclub for a while Saturday night, and the organizer said it was all worth it even though police broke the party up and arrested him and three others.

Hundreds of people gathered Saturday night for a “flash mob” dance party, with DJs and a professional sound system, on the footpath along the bridge closer to the Brooklyn side. A YouTube video showed a crowd dancing and raising their hands in the air to thumping music along the bridge, as the Q train passed by alongside them.


Nightclub accused of racism

New York is famous for its nightlife. As many people have found out, at some of the hottest clubs the bouncers are very picky about who they let in.
But there is a difference between being picky and being racist.

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